Commemorating Full of Life

What is Remembrance Full of Life ?

Commemorating Full of Life is a separate organization within Media Luna that grew out of the experience and realization of the Commemoration Field of Honor Full of Life.

Nathalie Toisuta, one of the two initiators of Memorial Field Full of Life, did a 5 year study in which Systemic Work and Stories were central. Based on this study and 30 years of experience as a television director and editor-in-chief, she saw a need for more explanation, experience and understanding of commemoration. About remembering the life that was lost but also the life that was left behind.

Herdenken Vol Leven

Commemorating Full of Life & Education

During the realization of the Commemoration Field of Honor Full of Life, all kinds of questions and ideas arose that were not always directly applicable to the commemoration itself, but rather to the larger ideas behind this commemoration.

Questions arose from education, both primary and secondary and further education. Questions centered around the fact that the various schools asked us if we could offer students an experience at one of the Fields of Honor based on the commemoration Field of Honor Full of Life.

Based on these questions, the concept "You Can Learn Peace" was developed. Click here to learn more about this program.