Systemic Perspective - The story becomes visible

The Field of Honor Full of Life project works with the relatives who tell about their loved one buried on National Field of Honor and what the impact was on the family left behind at the time and the generations that followed.
By looking at a story from a systemic perspective and portraying it, conscious and unconscious connections, loyalties and influences become visible. It becomes visible when a child has grown up too young or when a parent conceals his or her suffering to protect the child. The effect of traumatic events and choices in how to deal with them can spill over generations. By portraying and welcoming this, Field of Honor Full of Life makes visible how endless and long-lasting the impact of war can be.

The site features several stories from Field of Honor Full of Life. Also the documentary that was aired on RTL4 on May 4. In this documentary relatives share what the impact has been of losing a loved one through war.