What is Field of Honor Full of Life?

Field of Honor Full of Life is a new way of commemoration and was first implemented at National Field of Honor in Loenen in June 2015. A way in which, for one day, life is symbolically placed back behind the headstones. It also shows the impact of the loss of this man or woman - not only at that moment itself but also for generations to come. For one day, the Field of Honor is "full of life. Behind each headstone is a man, woman, child or soldier according to the age of the person buried there.
Field of Honor Full of Life commemorates those who perished because of war. Not as people who died but as people who once had life - a life abruptly cut short by violence and war. During the commemoration, we symbolically look at this life one more time and become silent. This way of commemorating is inspired by the idea of remembering not the dead but the living. Not old people - not history - but young people like you and me. To relate to each other again as human beings and to realize how great the loss is and how incredibly precious the world of peace and freedom is. A world that these victims of war are no longer a part of but we are. And that requires accountability. An accountability to them and to ourselves.

National Field of Honor Loenen

The commemoration Field of Honor Full of Life took place at National Field of Honor in Loenen from 2015 to 2018. More than 3,900 war victims are buried on this field of honor. They are people who lost their lives in different places and under different circumstances. Military, civilians, resistance fighters, England sailers, retaliation victims, forced laborers but also victims of the political actions in Indonesia and also victims of recent peace missions.