A representative within Field of Honor Full of Life is someone who, during the commemoration, symbolizes with his or her presence a person who has died as a result of war. The age of this person corresponds to the person he or she is re-presenting. Hence the word representative. A representative does not have to act or impersonate this war victim. Each representative simply remains himself or herself. He or she, with his or her living presence, symbolizes someone buried in the cemetery of honor.

The experience is that this way of commemoration will be an honorable experience with a large number of people lined up in silence on this field of honor. They can begin to feel connected to each other and to history. As they begin to give meaning and interpretation to the loss suffered and the sacrifice made for peace and freedom- which we still benefit from every single day.

The Memorial Field of Honor Full of Life is inspired by Systemic Work and Family Constellations. These also work with representatives. Representing on the Field of Honor Full of Life therefore has similarities with this methodology, but in contrast to a Constellation, the representative on the Field of Honor remains himself or herself and is not asked what he or she experiences in this place and no interventions or movements take place that change the constellation. Because we realize that there can be all kinds of experiences, the representatives are accompanied by a large number of experienced coaches and/or therapists who have knowledge about Systemic Work. They are there to help the representative with questions on all kinds of levels when needed.

Opstellingen achter de graven

Om zichtbaar te maken dat achter alle graven verhalen schuil gaan, families, geliefden en vrienden die antwoord moeten geven op dit verlies, vinden er op speciaal georganiseerde dagen wel opstellingen plaats achter de graven. Maar ook deze opstellingen zijn in eerste instantie weergegeven door het perspectief van Ereveld Vol Leven. Deze opstellingen zijn dus niet alleen ingegeven door de methodiek van Systemisch Werken van Bert Hellinger maar zijn een combinatie van meerdere methodieken als ook Transactionele Analyse als NLP maar ook Systemic Ritual van Daan van Kampenhout.